The MBDD was established for the primary purpose of promoting, encouraging, and participating in infrastructure improvements to projects or plans to stimulate the economy through commerce, industry, and research and for the utilization and development of natural, physical, and human resources of the area.


Current Board Members

Barry Breaux, Breaux Mart
Tommy Cvitanovich, Drago’s Seafood Restaurant
Joseph Riccobono, Peppermill Restaurant
Pat Leblanc, Leblanc Butler LLC
Mel Grodsky, Tuxedos to Geaux
Dana Pecoraro, Laurel Outdoors
Curtis Matthews, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
Charles Silbernagel, ClS Architects
Brian Lade, Lakeside Mall


The Metairie Business Development District represents the property and business owners in the district by promoting, encouraging and participating in the improvement of projects and plans that stimulate its economy through commerce, industry and research.

“If you are looking for an emerging area of opportunity ripe for investment, look here!”

–Jennifer Van Vrancken, Jefferson Parish Councilwoman for District 5


The Metairie Business Development District will rebuild the the district’s community through clean, safe and fun programming and activities.

JEDCO 2020 Fat City Redevelopment Plan


2008 – Fat City Committee formed/ supported by Councilwoman Jennifer Sneed

2010 – Councilwoman Sheng initiated plan to create family friendly mixed use area with sweeping re-zoning ordinances

2011 – Fat City Advisory Board was appointed

2013 – Fat City Friends was formed (Food Truck rallies, drainage, street improvements: stamped sidewalks, light poles providing a well lit thoroughfare along 18th Street, etc.)

Report of the Fat City Advisory Board adopted on 05-15-2013 by the Jefferson Parish Council

2014 – Hired first consultant for Project Management role. Began planning for mural project.  Planted 88 trees throughout Fat City.  Inaugural Fat City Fest and Annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony.

2015 – Metairie BDD Board Appointed. Planted around 100 trees throughout Fat City.  Installed Trash cans along 18th St corridor.

Transforming Fat City (Redevelopment and Revitalization) a Presentation for the APA/LA State Conference

2016 – Completed 10 murals on bare exterior walls in the neighborhood.

“The transformation you are starting to see in Fat City is an example of what can happen when government, business and private citizens work together.”

–Jennifer Van Vrancken, Jefferson Parish Councilwoman for District 5



The Fat City Friends/MBDD partnered with the Arts Council of New Orleans to coordinate a series of artists’ murals that will grace highly visible walls of the restaurants, retail stores, residential locations, and other Fat City entities within the sub-area of Metairie’s BDD that was once considered Jefferson Parish’s French Quarter. While not related by a common theme, the murals create a visual identity that unifies the neighborhood and inspires creative thought and conversation among residents and visitors.  Funded by Council District Tourism Funds from Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng, the project includes 10 murals and is expected to be completed soon.

Mural 1 Mural 2 Mural 3 Mural 4 Mural 5 Mural 6 Mural 7 Mural 8

Mural 9eureka-square

“Fat City was developed as a way to bring culture to the suburbs.  Jefferson Parish wanted a pedestrian friendly space where locals could eat, drink, and play as they would in the city. Years later, not much was left of the lively backdrop that once was. We needed a way to put a positive charge back in the neighborhood. The Fat City Mural Project allowed us to add interest to the area while enhancing some of the existing wonderful businesses. I was able to provide the necessary funding but it was Fat City Friends who turned the concept into a reality – they got the paint on the wall. It may seem like a simple enough task but in reality, it was very involved and required hundreds of hours of work coordinating with business owners, artists and government. After months of tireless work by many, we are now able to see these pops of interest throughout the Fat City neighborhood. While fostering conversation about beauty and art, they will serve as positive landmarks for those trying to navigate the evolving landscape and growing business community.”

–Cynthia Lee-Sheng, Jefferson Parish Councilwoman-at-Large for Division B


In 2015 the FCF/MBDD received a $15,000 grant from Keep Louisiana/Jefferson Beautiful and purchased 20 trashcans.  These trashcans were placed along the 18th Street corridor from North Arnoult and Division.

Trashcan 1 Trashcan 2


Holiday Lighting

Over the holidays of 2014, we purchased 26 Super Efficient LED Illuminated “Shooting Snowflake” Pole Motif & 1200 Linear Feet LED Rope Light for display from Thanksgiving through the New Year.  The lights were purchased through a partnership/sponsorship with Oracle Lighting, a Metairie BDD business.

Holiday LIghting 2 Holiday LIghting 1


Tree Planting

In 2014 and 2015 FCF and Metairie BDD planted around 200 trees – Crape Myrtles, Sweet Bay Magnolias, Live Oaks, Holley & Pistachios.  The FCF and Metairie BDD coordinated funding from Friends of Jefferson the Beautiful and Jefferson Parish Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng.

Tree Planting 1 Tree Planting 2 Tree Planting 3



Fat City Fest planned by the Young Professionals of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce.

Events 1 Events 2 Events 3 Events 4


Holiday Lighting Ceremonies (2014 & 2015)

75+ children given gifts in 2015

Ceremonies 1 Ceremonies 2 Ceremonies 3